Meniti Lautan Gelora: Sebuah Memoir Politik
ISBN: 9676111430
Author: Said Zahari
Publisher: Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd
Year: 2001
Number of page: 374
Price: RM28.00

Meniti Lautan Gelora – Sebuah Memoir Politik menukilkan pengalaman, pengamatan dan penglibatan Said Zahari sebagai wartawan dan aktivis politik. Ia juga merangkumi perkembangan politik dan persuratkhabaran tanah air, Malaya/ Singapura dalam konteks Asia Tenggara, khususnya pada zaman perubahan politik yang kualitatif pada tahun-tahun 1940-an hingga 1960-an.

Memoir ini menyingkap kisah suka duka Said Zahari sebagai wartawan Utusan Melayu yang menjadi suara rakyat menyuarakan hasrat kemerdekaan daripada penjajahan British. Tekanan dan himpitan yang diterima Said Zahari dalam mempertahankan Utusan Melayu sebagai akhbar bebas daripada mana-mana tekanan parti politik memaksa beliau melancarkan mogok Utusan pada Julai 1961 yang akhirnya membawa beliau tersingkir dari Malaya.

Menyebut nama Said Zahari ramai yang mengecapnya sebagai komunis dan atas alasan itu jugalah Lee Kuan Yew memenjarakan beliau selama 17 tahun. Memoir ini menceritakan kisah sebenar tuduhan terhadap beliau dan mengapa beliau dipenjarakan selama 17 tahun sehingga dibebaskan pada 22 Ogos 1979.

Sama ada kita bersetuju atau tidak dengan penulisan Pak Said, kita tidak dapat menafikan bahawa Pak Said adalah sebahagian daripada sejarah Utusan dan Utusan adalah sebahagian daripada sejarah Malaysia. Sama ada mereka berhaluan kiri atau kanan, orang seperti Pak Said menjadikan Utusan itu hebat.

Zainuddin Maidin (Zam)
The Strait Times, Singapura
15 Januari 2001



ISBN: 983-2535-18-2
Author: Khong Kim Hoong
Publisher: SIRD
Year: 2003

Merdeka! describes the explosive situation in Malaya between the end of the Second World War until the termination of direct British rule in 1957.

The study fills in certain gaps in existing knowledge of this critical period in Malayan politics, with analysis of the conflicts between the British Military Administration and the Communists, the radical reaction to the Malayan Union proposals and the Federation of Malayan Agreement, and the agitation for constitutional democracy.


Social Roots of the Malay Left
ISBN: 978-983-3782-44-4
Author: Rustam A. Sani
Publisher: SIRD
Year: 2008
Number of page: 80
Price: RM18.00

This is a study of the Kesatuan Melayu Muda (KMM)—the first Malay political party, established in 1938 and led by Ibrahim Yaacob. KMM is often regarded as the precursor of the ‘Malay Left’.

Modern Malay politics is said to have divided into a ‘left’ and a ‘right’ stream from the 1930s. The differences between the two poles are not to be equated to our conceptions of such terms but instead they indicate the respective Malay political parties’ affinity to prevalent ideologies; the educational backgrounds of leaders; and the influence exerted by leftist anticolonial Indonesian political exiles.

This book makes this largely academic debate available to a wider public, contextualising KMM’s founding within early 20th century transformations of Malay and Malayan society—especially the emergence of an elite alienated from, and dissatisfied with, traditional court-based power. It argues that the Malay Left emerged within the new elite’s two-pronged struggle: against colonialism and against the traditional rulers who were the only ones allowed a ‘voice’.

A good read for anyone wishing to go beyond the generally airbrushed and bland versions of Malay, Malayan, and Malaysian history.

The Long Nightmare: My 17 Years as a Political Prisoner

ISBN: 978-967-61-1939-3
Author: Said Zahari

Publisher: Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd

Year: 2007

Number of page: 186
Price: RM25.00

Once editor-in-chief of the leading Malay daily, Utusan Melayu, Said Zahari was banned from Malaysia during the historic 1961 Utusan workers’ strike for political autonomy. From February 1963, he was detained without trial in Singapore for 17 years together with other political dissidents.

Said emerges from these memoirs as a dedicated husband, father and friend, committed to and willing to undergo tremendous hardship and sacrifice for his anticolonial and progressive ideals.

“An inspiration to all, then and now, Said Zahari and his comrades lost, but struggled with their principles and dignity intact and uncompromised, despite making tremendous sacrifices. Theirs would have been a different Malaysia and Singapore, probably with less economic growth and foreign domination, but probably more united, less harsh and with different, more human and decent values and priorities.”

Jomo K.S.


The People’s Constitutional Proposals for Malaya 1947

ISBN: 983-40821-4-2

Author: Drafted by PUTERA-AMCJA

Publisher: Ban Ah Kam

Year: 2005

Price: RM13.00

The constitutional Proposals and their exposition, which follow in Part Two, hav been drawn up by the Pusat Tenaga Ra’ayat and the All-Malaya Council of Joint Action.

It is necessary at the outset to review the political developments in Malaya during the period since the liberation of the country from the Japanese.It was clear, when the war was over, that the pre-war system of administration had to be drastically reformed, and that the cumbersome threefold structure and Settlements, Federated Malay States and Unfederated Malay States should be replaced by a unified system of administration under strong, central government.

The War In South – the story of Negeri Sembilan’s guerillas
ISBN: 974-409-300-5
Author: Shan Ru-hong
Publisher: Mental Health Publishing
Year: 2003
Number of page: Not Specified
Delivery: 1 day
Price: RM20.00

Negeri Sembilan, the “Nine States”, in Chinese popularly known as “Similan” is one of the nine Malay states of Malaya. Seremban is the capital but it is in Kuala Pilah that the Rule’s palace is situated.

In 1941 the population was 370,000 made up of 160,000 Malays, 150,000 Chinese and 50,000 Indians; orang asli and others of mixed race made up the rest.

The economy was based mainly on mining with dredgers at Titi and Rahang, and agriculture, mainly rubber and palm oil, rice, fruit and vegetables. The proccesing industry was less developed than commerce. Shops dominated the towns.

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Fong Chong Pik: The Memoirs of a Malayan Communist Revolutionary

ISBN: 9789833782475

Author: Fong Chong Pik

Publisher: SIRD

Year: 2008

Number of page: 286

Price: RM38.00

Fong Chong Pik, or Fang Chuang Pi or Lee Ping, or “The Plen” as he variously known, spent his twilight years, post 1989 Peace Accord, contemplating and writing about his life on the flipside of Malayan history. Longing to return home at last but never allowed to, he was acutely aware of how he, and the Left, had been written out, or excoriated, in the official accounts of Singapore’s independence struggles.

Raised in Singapore, Fong Chong Pik saw himself as a Malayan, and a patriot, in the footsteps of the brave World War 2 anti-Japanese resistance heroes. In turns humorous, exuberant, savagely bitter, and nostalgic, his memoirs sharply recall the moral and political dilemmas and struggles of growing up in the 1950s. Here are vignettes of risky underground propaganda work; a Kafkaesque arrest and interrogation by the mobilization; exile; and life as a Communist guerilla in the jungles straddling the border of Malaysia and Thailand. Significantly, he tries to set the record straight about his secret meetings with Lee Kuan Yew. His writing is shot through with his sheer love of life: adventure, schoolboy reminisces, pranks, and a deep affinity with nature.

The vividly told episodes of courage, treachery, honour, and loss will leave you wanting to know more about the true history of Singapore as part of Malaya, and the men and women who have been forgotten

Merdeka!: British Rule & the Struggle for Independence in Malaya 1945-1957

ISBN: 333

Author: Khong Kim Hoongs

Product ID: 256

Merdeka! describes the explosive situation in Malaya between the end of the Second World War until the termination of direct British rule in 1957. The study fills in certain gaps in existing knowledge of this critical period in Malayan politics, with analysis of the conflicts between the British Military Administration and the Communists, the radical reaction to the Malayan Union proposals and the Federation of Malayan Agreement, and the agitation for constitutional democracy.

Price: MYR 40.00

The Finest Hour”: The Malaysian – MCP Peace Accord In Perspective

ISBN: 245

Author: Collin Abraham

Publisher: SIRD

Year: 2006

No of Pages: 245

Product ID:251

According to this scholarly polemic by Collin Abraham, with the promulgation of the Haadyai Peace Accord in 1989, Malaysia finally took its place among independent nations of the world after centuries under the yoke of colonialism.

Any attempt to explore an event in the history of the guerrilla warfare in Malaya from a social science perspective is bound to be fraught with theoretical and conceptual problems. Nevertheless, social scientist Abraham has managed to wade through the deep end of this malaise by dissecting the defining milestones that led to the peace accord: the roots of the anti-colonial resistance in Malaya in the late-18th century, racial polarisation, the Malayan Union, the colonial transformation of Chinese society, the Japanese Occupation, the Malayan Communist Party, the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960), the Baling Talks (1955), to the Haadyai Peace Accord in 1989.

The author’s concerns and observations, though gripping they may be, are bound to be controversial and contentious and will likely lead to dissenting arguments among many parties; they are, however, not meant to be the be all and end all to this period of Malaysian history, but serve as an invitation to further debate on this dark period of Malaysian history.

An intriguing chronicle of events leading to the way we are today. This is required reading for anyone who cares about the historical evolution of Malaysia and where we are heading

Memoir Ahmad Boestamam: Merdeka dengan Darah dalam Api. 2004. ISBN 967-942-612-6 (Paperback). 384hlm. RM55.00. Ahmad Boestamam.

Boestamam tersohor sebagai seorang tokoh nasionalis dan penulis yang disegani, tajam dan peka dengan keadaan di sekelilingnya. Pembentangan sejarah tanah air dan perjuangan Boestamam menentang penjajah sewaktu memperjuangkan Kemerdekaan dan dilihat dengan jelas menerusi Lambaian dari Puncak. Keterlibatannya dalam politik pula dapat dilihat dengan jelas menerusi Merintis Jalan ke Puncak. Karya beliau lebih tertumpu kepada pergolakan dalam satu kehidupan yang sarat dengan perjuangan, pengorbanan dan penderitaan yang pernah ditanggungnya. Lewat naskhah Tujuh Tahun Malam Memanjang, Boestamam lebih memberikan tumpuan tentang kisah suka duka pengalaman silamnya yang berkali-kali ditahan dan merana dengan kehidupan hitam di sebalik tirai besi. Edisi terbitan ini menghimpunkan ketiga-tiga karya Boestamam agar dapat dihayati oleh pembaca lain. Rentetan kehdupan beliau yang gemilang dan tragis dapat dikesan menerusi penulisannya. Justeru, dalam keadaan penerbitan yang segar begini diharapkan generasi muda patut menghayati dan menghargai nilai Kemerdekaan yang pernah diperjuangkan oleh Boestamam dan rakan-rakannya. Kekentalan semangat yang ditiup oleh Subhas Chandra Bose turut membakar jiwa Ruhi Hayat sehingga beliau sanggup mengabadikan nama popularnya sebagai Boestamam. Satu lagi sumbangan besar Boestamam ialah menyusun Testament Politik API. Merdeka dengan darah yang menjadi tema dokumen tersebut begitu sinonim dengan perjuangan hidupnya yang selalu membara. Testament ini menerangkan tentang kebangkitan pergerakan tanpa mengira ras tenaga pemuda dan pemudi di Malaya dan di seluruh dunia. Bahan ini sesuai untuk bacaan masyarakat umum terutama mereka yang berminat dalam bidang sains politik.


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